The Foundation Coach Award is designed to enable coaches to be more effective in coaching the delivery of the fundamental movement skills of climbing. Foundation Coaches will usually be concerned with the stimulating delivery of a single session to a group of individuals. They will often be assisting a Development Coach who will set the learning outcomes for the session, as part of a longer term progression, course, or scheme.

What do I do?

Minimum age

Be not less than sixteen years of age at the date of registration.


  • Have a genuine interest in climbing and the coaching of groups on climbing walls.
  • Have at least six months experience of climbing on a variety of climbing walls.
  • Be an individual or club member (of an affiliated club) of a Mountaineering Council.


Create an account on the MTA Candidate Management System or log in if you already have one.

Register for the Foundation Coach scheme - you will automatically be registered for the Development Coach scheme should you wish to progress at a later date.