Already A Climber

“I’ve tried many sports, but climbing is the best. The beauty of this sport is that no matter how good you get, you can always find a way to challenge yourself.”
– Randy Leavitt

Redpoint climbing centres are renowned as friendly centres for climbers of all abilities, whether you are just starting out or you’ve been climbing for years. You’ll find a full range of roped climbing and bouldering from relatively easy challenges for those new to the sport to the toughest climb, capable of testing the best climbers around.

All our routes are designed to be very 3-dimensional – wandering from panel to panel, swinging underneath arches and sneaking round corners. This is one of the reasons that we have a reputation for great routes, along with our very experienced in-house route setters who are always busy creating new challenges for us all.

1000m2 of Lead and Roped Climbing

With 72 routes to play with in our roped and lead area, you are sure to find something fun and challenging to throw yourself at.

If you need instruction, we offer a wide range of climbing sessions to suit all needs. We have the finest climbing instructors qualified to guide you through your climbing adventure whether you want to try climbing for the first time, learn to belay, lead climb, abseil or even venture outdoors.

TRUBLUE: Autobelay Sytem


We are also fortunate enough to have some TRUBLUE™ Auto Belay systems set up.  These systems are designed to assist singular climber (Induction required). So whether you’re waiting on a friend or just want to blast out a couple of hours climbing on your own, the Autobelays could be the answer…

It’s worth noting that during extremely busy times & at weekends the Auto Belays are not in use. If you would like to know more, or check there availability please call 01905 350346.

500m2 of Bouldering

Our bouldering facilities stretch up 4.5m, with all manner of overhangs and slab work to test yourself with. It also includes wonderful archway and a 4.5m top out. With graded circuits for all abilities and regular resets we are sure to keep that brain ticking away.

For those wishing to experience climbing in there own time, just pop by and talk to one of our experienced staff members. We will listen to your needs and walk you through the details of bouldering, and before you know it you’ll be hooked!.