The climbing clubs at Redpoint are very popular with all ages of kids from 5 to 17.

With the help of our instructors your child’s movement, balance, co-ordination, strength and confidence will improve and if continued will create independent climbers who will continue enjoying climbing into adulthood.

This Club is not only designed to allow for a tremendous amount of fun, but teaches the skills required to climb safely indoors. Our experienced instructors are able to adapted to match the ability of the participants, ensuring that through appropriate games and challenges, your child will grow up to be a climbing ninja!

Miniature Monkeys

(Ages 3-5)

 Mini monkeys is a great way to get your child active, develop motor skills and strengthen social competence.

These sessions are designed to let your little monkeys have some fun on the ropes, without the distractions older people may bring.

10.30am - 11.30am
£ 10 / person
Booking enquiry

Rock Monkeys

(Ages 5+)

Lets face it kids love to climb! Our Rock Monkeys climbing club is a fun way for climbers aged 5 to 17 to learn or improve on their climbing skills.

We are also a NICAS accredited centre, allowing us to assess up to level 3 candidates (Ages 7+).

Saturday & Sunday
10.30am - 12.30pm
£ 20 / person
1:00pm - 2.30pm
£ 15 / person
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After School Club

(Ages 5+)

A nice end to the school day.

This 1hr session is an ideal way to spend time socialising with your rock climbing buddies and enjoying something you love.

Monday , Thursday & Friday
4:30pm - 5:30pm
£ 10 / person
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Holiday Club

(Ages 5+)

A slightly shorter 1.5 hr session for our young climbers during the school holidays.

This is a great opportunity to go through your NICAS logbooks and grow those all important climbing skills.

Monday & Friday
10.30am - 12.00pm
£ 15 / person
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