At Redpoint Under 18s can climb under the supervision of an experienced belayer who is registered as a member with us. An experienced belayer can supervise up to 2 novices. There is no minimum age for the novices but the belayer must be Over 18.

If you need to refresh your skills or are not an experienced climber, you'll need to book an instructor. Check out our Family Lessons or Learn to Climb courses.

'Bouldering Only' members can only supervise novices on the bouldering wall.

If you personally don't want to climb or supervise but would like to bring your kids along we also offer kids' lessons or our popular kids' climbing clubs.




Can I supervise my own kids?

Yes, if you are an experienced belayer and you are over 18, you can supervise up to 2 novices of any age.

Can I supervise my friend's kids?

Yes, the same rules apply as for supervising your own kids but you will also need to confirm that you have the consent of their parents or carers.

What is meant by an 'experienced belayer'?

'Belaying' is the term for the rope work skills that climbers use to keep one another safe. If you are already a climber this will be familiar to you, if not, you'll need to book some instruction.

What is meant by a 'Bouldering Only member'?

Some climbers are not interested in climbing on the roped walls and only ever use the bouldering wall. We call these Bouldering Only Members.

Can I supervise kids using the bouldering wall?

If you wish to use the bouldering wall you need to understand and accept the rules and risks of bouldering. You can supervise kids if you accept the rules and risks on their behalf and directly supervise them. One over 18 Redpoint member can supervise up to two Under 18 members. If you are new to bouldering, give us a call and we will give you a free induction when you arrive.

Kids Club

Redpoint Worcesters Under 18's Clubs

This is a great way for children to build social and technical skills that they could transfer in to there everyday lives

Birthday Parties

A Birthday is the perfect excuse to get involved with climbing! And with our party room hire, we can accommodate for both during and after events.

Family Sessions

Get the whole family involved, from little Johnny to Grandma Dillis, the whole family is sure to enjoy the experience.

Schools & Youth Groups

Climbing is a sport that we at Redpoint know quickly captures childrens' interest, while raising self esteem, building confidence as an individual, and helping them to develop teamwork and social interaction skills.